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Fireworks photography tips when short on time

A fireworks show is perfect to experiment with slow shutter speeds. When covering sports games you're constantly on the go. You're capturing action, feature pieces, and conclusion photos of celebration or defeat. An upside to any game is Fireworks Night. Fireworks displays evoke a lot of emotion in people as they are spectacular and bring amusement to so many. When I was covering games I had to be ready to go for the fireworks show, so I stayed prepared and set up my tripod before the game was over. I didn't have much time to set up a release remote, so steady hands were crucial. As soon as the game ended I ran to my location, where I scoped out before the game began, and placed my camera on my tripod and set my settings. Here are a few manual settings that I have had success with.

1.) ISO - 50 (Low), f/20, 15 sec.

2.) ISO - 100, f/22, 15 sec.

3.) ISO - 50 (Low), f/18, 15 sec.

4.) ISO - 50 (Low), f/14, 15 sec.

-Pack tripod & release remote if needed.

-Scope out location.

-Set up tripod before fireworks display.

-Plan out your settings ahead of time and experiment once display begins.

-Enjoy the show and be aware of steady hands.

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