Around the Table

Celtic musicians gather at Stein Haus, the local Bay City pub, to play maritime music with an Irish twist. Passion for the Celtic traditions keep bring in musicians from all over the Midwest.

Terrorist Drag

Robert's Open Window

Route 66 has become a timeworn road. The historic highway spans from Chicago to Los Angeles — including a stop through Flagstaff, AZ. Roadside motels that were once a charming hallmark of Route 66 are now hard at work in search of steady business. The majority of the motels on the historic highway have now looked to offering weekly and even monthly rental options to stay afloat.

One such customer — Robert Bayer, senior math major, struggled with finding an affordable living situation. Bayer then resorted to renting out a room on a monthly basis at one of the dilapidated motels along Route 66. The often run down conditions are not the only concern, tenant safety has also been a challenge.

“There was a fight that broke out,” Bayer said. “Some guy was getting choked.”

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