COVID-19: An unforgettable year

After traveling from Mattawa, H-2A guest labor workers sit in a bus as they wait their turn to be inoculated with a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine Monday, April 12, 2021, at a pop-up vaccination clinic on a Matson Fruit farm in Selah, Wash.

The new decade started with shock and tears as employees of Astria Regional Medical Center said goodbye to their beloved hospital. Not long after, the 2019-20 Hardwood Classic state basketball tournament started and ended with crowds of family and fans cheering for competitive student-athletes. Little did we know this would be the end of normalcy.

The first case of the novel coronavirus was diagnosed in March, and photojournalists of the Herald-Republic began a journey that embarked on a year of documenting isolation, distress, wildfires, nationwide movements for racial and social justice, Yakima County’s elections, school and business restrictions, and moments of hope.

These images were some of the memorable moments of an unforgettable year.